Friday, January 23, 2009

I made Hill's Dad's Thumbprint Cookies!

The title says it all. I wanted to bake some cookies to bring to a LOST-viewing party on Wednesday, and the choice was clear - these cookies. I followed the recipe precisely, except I substituted raspberry jam for apricot jam and omitted the almonds (just in case anyone at the party had a nut allergy.) They were so popular, and every last cookie was eaten. People were very impressed that I had made them, but as Hillary noted in her post, they are very simple to make!

If you decide make these with raspberry jam, I recommended heating the jam over the stove until it liquifies slightly, and then pass it through a strainer to separate the seeds (that is what I did). That way your cookies will have perfect circles of smooth, flavorful jam with no crunchy seeds getting in the way.

But seriously, check out Hill's post and make these sometime, they are so delicious. (I bet Hurley would love them.)


  1. these look delicious, but also kind of crazy. like eyeballs. or white blood cells.

  2. good looking pictures!